National Certificate: Manufacturing Management

National Certificate: Manufacturing Management

SAQA ID: 49743
NQF: Level 5
Credits: 121
Duration: 12 months

This course is accredited: FOODBEV – Food and Beverages Manufacturing Industry Sector
Education and Training Authority

Preambles: A person acquiring this qualification will be able to plan work processes to ensure that
(a) production line(s) operate effectively within the performance requirements of the manufacturing
unit, lead people within a production environment to ensure organisational objectives are achieved,
maintain health, safety and quality control standards, organise, control and continuously improve a
production process in the South African manufacturing context to enable the unit and the
organisation to remain competitive in the global market place.

Who must do this Qualification? This qualification reflects the needs of the Manufacturing Industry
for a person with first line management skills and with a sound knowledge base and experience of
production and manufacturing. A generic first line management qualification is not conceptualised to
the specific needs of manufacturing with regards to management of materials, problem-solving in a
manufacturing context and integration and coordination of multiple activities to optimise a production

Entry Requirements:
 Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4.
 The unit standards:

> 120366: “Demonstrate understanding of the implementation of occupational health, safety
and environmental legislation in the work place”, Level 4.
> 10981: “Supervise work unit to achieve work unit objectives (individuals and teams)”,
Level 4.
> 14586: “Monitor and control quality control practices in a manufacturing/engineering
environment”, Level 4.
Course modules
1.Manage individual and team performance

  1. Maintain manufacturing efficiencies 
  2. Manage inventory
  3. Optimise manufacturing processes 
  4. Conduct audits within a quality management system

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