Assessor Training


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This course is accredited by the ETDP Seta and covers unit standards 115753 at NQF level 5 worth 15 credits.


This is an in-depth course for hard working candidates wanting to enter the professional industry of training and development. Educators in addition to facilitating learning, need to be competent assessors to understand how effective they have been in transferring learning. Our comprehensive course will provide you with all the necessary skills and understanding for a successful career in Assessment.


This course is designed to prepare you for a variety of challenges faced when dealing with learners in a school or the workplace environment. Knowing how to handle difficult situations objectively, and with tact, is as important as being knowledgeable about the training and development of workplace skills. The course is very practical and allows you time to internalize your learning through activities, so you are be able to complete your POE on the last day.

Prepare for assessments.

  • Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based assessment.
  • Identify and solve problems using critical and creative thinking: preparing for contingencies, candidates with special needs, problems that arise during assessment, suggesting changes to assessment.

Conduct assessments.

  • Organize and manage oneself and ones activities: preparing, conducting and recording the assessment.
  • Work effectively in a team using critical and creative thinking: working with candidates and other relevant parties during assessment, as well as post-assessment.

Provide feedback on assessments.

  • Collect, analyse, organize and critically evaluate information: gather, evaluate and judge evidence and the assessment process.
  • Communicate effectively: prepare candidates for assessment, communicate during assessment, and provide feedback.

Review assessments.

  • Demonstrate the world as a set of related systems: understanding the impact of assessment on individuals and organisations.
  • Be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across a range of social contexts: give feedback on assessments in a culturally sensitive manner.


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